Wambach Garden Center in Rochester, NY

Read about our story and learn about our services.

Wambach Farms started out as a family farm. George Wambach farmed hundreds of acres to bring fresh homegrown product to market. The next generation of Wambachs brought in the retail aspect, setting up a roadside stand. Everett Wambach took the practice of servicing the customer to new levels. Never before has a vendor offered fresh “that day” produce. This brought on the advent of the Farm Market Industry.

Plants, Flowers and More!

Produce was now on the chopping block and flower sales were blooming. As the newest generation came into control, Wambachs began to expand on their flower sales and service.

Wambachs has expanded their operation to reach the entire Rochester area. Although we may not have the selection of produce anymore, we have a store full of plants ready for you to take home. We also offer products like soils, mulches, fertilizers and pesticides throughout the summer months, and seasonally appropriate products as the times change. Stop in and see what Andy Wambach can do for you!